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Why Shamar is awesome


The app has a voting system where users can position their favorite artist.


Emerging artists have a forum to submit their talent through their profile.


Artists can record in real time and upload at the moment.

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Watch from anywhere, any device.

Shamar is the only free mobile app created to bring all those talented people the opportunity to make their dreams a reality.

The platform, which is available for Android and IOS users, lets people showcase their talent around the globe recording a video (up to 60 seconds) and uploading it in their category of preference. It has many music genres to choose from, bringing diversity to the app. Shamar has awesome features:

Follow: You can follow your favorite artists to be up to date with their projects. Go to their profile and tap the heart button to follow the account.

Comment: Let them know how you feel about their talent. Leave a message to the artist below a video.

Explore: Discover the most recent and most voted videos. You can also search for an artist in the explore bar.

Feed: Watch videos from the artists you follow.

Notifications: Receive notifications about the activity in your account.

Share: Share your favorite videos with anyone in other platforms.

In Shamar the judges are the fans, whom can vote for the best talent. Every month the aspiring artist with the most votes becomes a finalist to compete for a GRAND PRIZE at the Shamar Awards, and annual competition.

It is your time to shine! Remember, we put the platform, you bring the talent.

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